Monday, November 14, 2011

Lost Frames

Time, in comatose
Or was I lost in the fleeting glitter?

Seeking 'enlightenment'

Enlightenment in a sidewalk shop

Was I masking my pretence, my timidity?

...A colourful puppet, with dollhouse dreams

Fresh green, blue, rainbow dreams in black & white 


Recomandari said...

i love the last picture, a lot of grass, green-loving-grass

Stefanie said...

whoa idk how i got on here butttt its pretty cool :) where were you with these posts/pictures?

togoh said...

wow! awesome pictures! all these fascinating impressions! i especially like the colourful pictures in the shops :)

Shyamanga said...

Thank you all.

Stefanie: Loved your 'Reflected Aviators'

togoh: Fantastic pictures. Will need some tips from you

togoh said...

hey, thanks! I'd never think you'd follow my blog :D

..yours is just so much cooler, with all these exotic pictures :D

TALON said...

Gorgeous shots, Shyamanga. It was lovely to see you. I hope that 2012 is unfolding sweetly and beautifully for you.

Mägi said...

I want to roll around in that grass and stretch out on my belly, grabbing it with my fingers.

That's what I want to do.

Shyamanga said...

Thank you so much, Talon.

Shyamanga said...

Thank you, Mägi :) You are most welcome