Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Past Stands

 The Qutub Minar still towers over Delhi... a victorious smile cutting through the rhythmless evening sky.
The 72.5 m tall 'tower of victory' signalled the arrival of the first dynasty of Muslim sultans to northern India (12th century AD).


Anil P said...

In the context of what India was put through, each time I see a 'tower of victory' anywhere in India, usually forts, or elsewhere, many things go rushing past, and no all of them are pleasant so to say.

The picture, the first one, has much character.

Shyamanga said...

Thank you, Anil. It's been a long time. Have missed your wonderful posts. Will definitely update myself.

Agree with you about "victory towers". I feel some of them are nothing more than "glorified monumental scars". Most have them a gory history attached.