Thursday, December 01, 2005

Real Deal Blues at the Garden Of Five Senses

The mood was perfect - a cool and chilly Saturday evening; the venue - the secluded and beautifully laid Garden Of Five Senses; the music - real deal raw blues, dripping with feelings by good old Chicago bluesman John Primer.

Sponsored by Delhi Tourism, the evening of Nov. 26 was a rare treat for all genuine blues lovers (for pseudo ones too to get a feel of what real, pure music is all about).

Mr. Primer and his men were in their full bluesy elements - amazing musicality, coordination and improvisation on stage, fired up with classics like Hoochie Coochie Man, Mojo Workin'...It was music beyond commerce. Music with lot of feel and harmony, to be felt and savored. To cut a long story short - John Primer and The Real Deal were beautifully blue. I woke up Sunday morning feelin' pink. PINK???

About John Primer:

Chicago blues guitarist began his career playing at Theresa's with Sammy Lawhorn, for a year with Willie Dixon's Chicago Blues All-Stars, played with Muddy Waters band between 1979-1983 (until Waters' death) and for the last 13 years with guitarist Magic Slim.

The Camden, Mississippi-native began playing the guitar as a child, and moved to Chicago in 1963. He began hanging out at Therea's Lounge, where he jammed with legends like Willie Dixon (in 1979 he joined Dixon's Chicago Blues All-Stars), Junior Wells, and Sammy Lawhorn.

Recordings include his major label debut The Real Deal (Atlantic), You Got to Watch (Earwig) and Blues Behind Closed Doors.

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Barsha said...

The best part of Blues was that you were feeling PINK, Mr writer. And as regards 'music beyond commerce', I must say music is always beyond commerce. If it is not beyond commerce it is not music at all. Music, it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule. Ha ha.

an unknown Indian called bn

Soumyadip said...

I seriously am of the opinion that you should go for a template change. And this time around choose the colour BLUE.

I'm not really into the blues. But your posts inspire me to plunge into the bluish depths. Tonight gonna listen to the CDs I had borrowed from you ages ago.

aklanta said...

So the lonesome hobo has got some thing blue!