Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Happy, Swinging Hobos

What do you get when three “vagabond” musicians, with influences ranging from Louis Armstrong to Son House, Johnny Cash to Mississippi John Hurt and from hillbilly to folk to …, get together? Well, you get a band named Hobo Jazz.

The “fun music band” (as the Hobos describe themselves) is the baby of Hobo Matt "King" Coleman (vocals/guitar), who is also the primary songwriter; Hobo Joe Perez (drums/vocals) – a much sought after drummer in the scene; and the “wildest in this bunch of bananas” Marquis "M.W. Hobo" Howell, who plays the upright bass and also lends his voice.

The California-based band is a regular act in festivals, bars, coffee houses, theaters, street corners, burlesque shows and kids’ shows. Hobo Jazz’s debut album Old Lester's Speakeasy (released in 2006), which received much critical acclaim, is a testimony of the band’s interpretation of the free, raw and fun-filled music they believe in. The complex simplicity with deep roots and vibrant energy is the hallmark of the band’s music, which also tends to defy any genre branding.

And like the band says, “We play what we like, we don’t give much a damn about most things as long as we don’t have to compromise our jolliness,” their music is a refreshing feeling of happiness laced with vintage goodness.

Click here to preview or order a copy of Old Lester's Speakeasy. You can also checkout some cool Hobo Jazz videos on YouTube. Hobo Jazz is a must for anyone looking for clean, sweet, jolly and non-gadget driven music.


Anonymous said...

Glad you like our music! We can't wait to get our next record out!

Hobo Jazz bassman

Shyamanga said...

Hi Marquis, I'm honored by your response. Eagerly waiting for your new album. Best wishes.